04.- 06. Mai. 2022 (ENGL) Vitamin D, HOMBURG


Vitamin D in Prevention and Therapy
on May 04 - 06, 2022
Biologic Effects of Light
on May 04 - 06. 2022
Schlossberg Hotel
Homburg/ Saar, Germany

Dear Participants, Colleagues and Friends!
  • On behalf of the scientific committee, it is a pleasure to invite you cordially to our next Joint International Symposium Vitamin D in Prevention and Therapy and Biologic Effects of Light that we will organize on May 04 - 06, 2022 in Homburg (Saar), Germany.
  • Recently, enormous scientific progress has been made on these closely related topics.
  • Results from laboratory and clinical investigations have now unravelled many of the molecular mechanisms that mediate the biologic effects both of vitamin D an optical radiation, thereby leading to promising new concepts for the prevention and treatment of cancer and many other diseases.
  • However, our increasing knowledge about the impact of vitamin D and optical radiation for human health has opened many new unresolved questions that are at present controversially discussed in the scientific community.
  • This meeting is specially designed to give scientists and clinicians an update on these topics and insights into the latest developments in these intriguing research areas.
  • To reach this goal, lectures will be held by leading experts in the field who will present "both sides of the coin".
  • Penary and keynote lectures, as well as round table discussions and poster presentations, will give an update on carefully selected "hot topics", including vitamin D, skin cancer prevention, risks and benefits of sunscreens, UVA radiation and cellular homeostasis, photocarcinogenesis, circadian clock, and what genome wide association studies tell us about sun exposure and melanoma aetiology.
  • You are cordially invited to join this meeting.

We hope we will see you next September in Homburg.