9.7.2020 COVID-Webinar (ENGL.)


  • SEEING THE LIGHT: Does vitamin D have a role against COVID-19?
  • THURSDAY 9TH JULY FROM (GB) 18.00 - 19.30 HRS
  • Germany 19:00 - 20:30 h
  • Is vitamin D more important for our health than we thought and does it have a protective role against COVID-19?
  • Our expert speakers will review the emerging evidence in an educational webinar.
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This webinar is intended for healthcare professionals only.


GMT-Time = Germany + 1h
  • 18.00 Welcome (= 19:00 in Germany)
  • 18.05 Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions of vitamin D
  • Professor Martin Hewison (Chair), Professor of Molecular Endocrinology, University of Birmingham
  • 18.20 Vitamin D nutrition in the COVID-19 era
  • Professor Susan Lanham-New, Professor of Human Nutrition and Department Head, University of Surrey
  • 18.35 Vitamin D and acute respiratory infection
  • Professor Adrian Martineau, Professor of Respiratory Infection and Immunity, Queen Mary University, London
  • 18.50 Vitamin D and critical illness
  • Professor David Thickett, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Birmingham
  • 19.05 Questions and panel discussion
  • 19.30 Event closes