Death from pulmonary edema after infection with the coronavirus is due to its use of the ACE2 protein as virus receptor

Dr. med. Raimund von Helden, Verbraucherberatung VitaminDelta, 57368 Lennestadt


1) Fragestellung

Background and Question:

The major worry that the coronavirus triggers is the high mortality rate of currently an estimated 2 percent of those affected.

  • What is the pathophysiological cause?
  • What does that tell us about dealing with this danger?

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2) Methode


literature review

3) Ergebnisse


These are the well-known puzzle pieces that are already in front of us:

  • The corona virus only uses the ACE2 receptor of the cell surface to enter the cell.
  • ACE2 is the enzyme that would have to inactivate the blood pressure-increasing AT2 (angiotensin 2).
  • All corona viruses such as MERS, SARS and CoV2019 have pulmonary edema as a feared complication.

The new finding:

  • Virus-blocked AT2 breakdown at ACE2 is the cause of pulmonary edema with shock lung.
  • Corona viruses are therefore inextricably linked to the risk of AT2 blockade.
  • That explains why this virus gets so much attention.
  • Countless, often nameless viruses, on the other hand, use harmless cell receptors, the failure of which does not reach our consciousness because of the minor consequences.

4) Folgerungen


In order to avoid ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) regulation of the angiotensin system is necessary.
Vitamin D offers good help here.
This is documented elsewhere (see below).

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about AT1 AT2 ACE1 and ACE2:

Xu J, Yang J, Chen J, Luo Q, Zhang Q, Zhang H. Vitamin D alleviates
lipopolysaccharide‑induced acute lung injury via regulation of the
renin‑angiotensin system. Mol Med Rep. 2017 Nov;16(5):7432-7438. doi:
10.3892/mmr.2017.7546. Epub 2017 Sep 20. PubMed PMID: 28944831; PubMed Central
PMCID: PMC5865875.


The entire presentation with citations:
is provided by the video / PDF

german version and german PDF

New findings presented in this video for the first time:

  • Vitamin D also works against coronaviruses via defensin and cathelicidin.
  • Vitamin D also works against the risk of coronavirus lung failure through the renin-angiotensin system.
  • The virus-typical use of the ACE2 receptor is the cause of the risk of lung failure.
  • A general supply of vitamin D to the population could stop the epidemic.

Coronavirus makes an ACE2 inhibition and this the cause for dying from respiratory syndrome. 

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