(ENGL) No increased COVID mortality with good vitamin D levels: a new method?

Presentation: Dr. med. Raimund von Helden, Consumer Advice VitaminDelta, 57368 Lennestadt After the original work by Petre Cristian Ilie · Simina Stefanescu · Lee Smith


1) Fragestellung

The EU nations are also doing their utmost to find ways to protect their population from the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Are there other methods besides mouth protection and distance?
  • Can the study considered here help to find a new method?
  • The benefit of the study: an index of hard data: (COVID 19 deaths): (population size)
  • The national vitamin D level was related in a point cloud.

2) Methode

Short Communication

3) Ergebnisse

The illustration of the point cloud was supplemented by a red and a green frame:

  • The red frame shows the well-known problem nations: high death rates in relation to the size of the population.
  • The green frame shows a free field: no increased deaths in relation to the size of the population.
  • The vertical border between the red and green frame is in the range of approx. 25-30 ng / ml:
  • The phenomenon: no high death rates in the range above 30 ng / ml. (Mortality> 0.1 dead / 1000 inhabitants)

4) Folgerungen


  • The X axis shows the parameter that could possibly be influenced by health policy: the national vitamin D level in ng / ml.
  • The best vitamin D levels are found in Scandinavia because the problem is influenced systematically here.
  • The y-axis shows a quotient of hard data: the number of Covid fatalities in relation to the total population.
  • This observation data is initially purely descriptive.
  • The HEALTH CLAIMS define that "Vitamin D supports the function of the immune system" (2)
  • The mechanisms of action of vitamin D are already described here: www.virus-video.de
  • A vitamin D deficiency can be diagnosed at values below 30 ng / ml.
  • The EU-wide vitamin D deficiency was previously referred to as a pandemic (3)
  • Is the coronavirus pandemic based on a pandemic of vitamin D deficiency?


Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
The sketch for another method:

  • It is independent of the coronavirus pandemic to demand a better supply of vitamin D.
  • The Scandinavian countries can serve as a model here:
  • For example, Norwegian doctors can prescribe a vitamin D supplement with 60,000 E for weekly consumption to all patients.
  • The health insurance company pays the costs. Laboratory diagnostics are also paid for.
  • Fulfilling this overdue obligation could have beneficial effects across Europe.
  • Further studies are required.
  • The cost would be far less than that for developing a new vaccine.
  • The spectrum of possible side effects would also be much smaller.

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