BUCH: Vitamin D Volume 1 (2011)

David Feldman

Dr. David Feldman hat zusammen mit 300 anderen Autoren das dickste Buch der Welt über Vitamin D geschrieben. 1892 Seiten, 104 Kapitel , Allein 8 ganze Kapitel widmen sich dem Thema Vitamin D & Krebs.(...) Das dickste Buch zum Thema, es ist so schwer, dass man schwerlich beide Bände mit einer Hand tragen kann. Die Kosten liegen derzeit bei über 500 € inklusive CD der Abbildungen. 

Aus dem Inhalt:

Vitamin D, a steroid hormone, has mainly been known for its effects on bone and osteoporosis. The current therapeutic practices expand into such markets as cancer research, pediatrics, nephrology, dermatology, immunology, and genetics. This 3e includes over 100 chapters covering everything from chemistry and metabolism to mechanisms of action, diagnosis and management, new analogs, and emerging therapies. This complete reference works is a must-have resource for anyone working in endocrinology, osteology, bone biology, or cancer research.

Vitamin D: Volume One:
Biochemistry, Physiology and Diagnostics, Fourth Edition, presents the latest information from international experts in endocrinology, bone biology and human physiology, taking readers through the basic research of vitamin D. This impressive reference presents a comprehensive review of the multifaceted vitamin D. Researchers from all areas will gain insight into how clinical observations and practices can feed back into the research cycle, thus allowing them to develop more targeted genomic and proteomic insights on the mechanisms of disease. Offers a comprehensive reference, ranging from basic bone biology, to biochemistry, to the clinical diagnostic and management implications of vitamin D. Saves researchers and clinicians time in quickly accessing the very latest details on the diverse scientific and clinical aspects of Vitamin D, as opposed to searching through thousands of journal articles
Targets chemistry, metabolism and circulation, mechanisms of action, mineral and bone homeostasis, human physiology, diagnosis and management, nutrition, sunlight, genetics and vitamin D deficiency. Volume II of this collection presents a clinical focus on disorders, analogs, cancer; immunity, inflammation and disease and therapeutic applications.