Buch: The Vitamin D Cure (2008)

James E. Dowd, M.D.
Diane Stafford


Part One: The wonders of Vitamin D

 1 Most of Us Need Way More Vitamin D
 2 How Vitamin D Works
 3 The Diet-Vitamin D Connection

Part Two: The Vitamin D Cure Five-Step Plan

 4 Step One: Find Out How Much Vitamin D You Need
 5 Step Two: Sun and Supplement Your Way to Great D Levels
 6 Step Three: Reduce Your Acid Exess by Changing Your Diet
 7 Step Four: Cover Your Bases with Other Supplements
 8 Step Five: Add a Littel Exercise

Part Three: The Vitamin D Cure for Total Health

 9 The Vitamin D Cure for Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease
10 he Vitamin D Cure for Mood and Memory
11 The Vitamin D Cure to Optimize Your Immune System
12 The Vitamin D Cure to Help Prevent and Treat Cancer
13 The Vitamin D Cure for Your Bones, Joints, and Teeth
14 Your Most Important Health Move Ever

Appendix A Vitamin D Cure Questions and Answers
Appendix B The Right Vitamin D Tests
Appendix C Acid-Producing Levels of Different Foods

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