BUCH: Athlete's Edge: Faster, Quicker, Stronger with Vitamin D (2011)


Dr. John Cannell

  • founder of VitaminDcouncil.org
  • Pubmed-Publikationen
  • Grassrootshealth.net


Ch  1: Vitamin D Deficiency
Ch  2: Messing With Mother Nature
Ch  3: Vitamin D Physiologie
Ch  4: The Fact
Ch  5: Is Vitamin D Another Mistake?
Ch  6: Are many Athletes Vitamin D Deficient?
Ch  7: Does Vitamin D Prevent Athletics Injuries?
Ch  8: Seasonality Of Physical Fitness
Ch  9: Athletic Performance Associated With Vitamin D Levels?
Ch 10: Does Vitamin D Have A Direct Effect
Ch 11: Do Vitamin D Supplements Improve Physical Performance?
Ch 12: Does Vitamin D-Producing Ultraviolet Light Improve Athletic Performance?
CH 13: Which Diseases Are Associated With Vitamin D Defiency?
Ch 14: Vitamin D And Skin Color
Ch 15: How Do I Know if I Need More Vitamin D
Ch 16: How Should I Get Vitamin D?
Ch 17: Vitamin A Will Hurt But Other Nutrients May Help
Ch 18: Conclusions

Appendix 1: How Does Vitamin D Work?
Appendix 2: Vitamin D Toxicity
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