(ENGL.) Learn from Taiwan: Older people are better supplied with vitamin D.

Dr. med. Raimund von Helden, Verbraucherberatung VitaminDelta, 57368 Lennestadt


1) Fragestellung

  • Taiwan has the world's lowest number of coronavirus spreads.
  • What can we learn from Taiwan?
  • Is there an epidemiological difference between Taiwan and Germany?
  • Can such a factor be used in Germany?

2) Methode

  • Country statistics on the spread of the coronavirus: light green = TAIWAN, dark green = Germany
  • Vitamin D levels in Taiwan: Vitamin D levels below 20 ng / ml shown by age groups
  • Vitamin D levels in Germany: Vitamin D levels below 20 ng / ml shown by age groups
  • Comparison of age groups in both countries

3) Ergebnisse

  • The low spread of the corona virus in Taiwan is highlighted in light green. The daily "PLUS" is shown in corona cases.
  • (Sub) tropical countries such as Thailand, Australia and Korea have a similarly favorable course as Taiwan
  • A vitamin D level below 20 ng / ml is found in Taiwan only in about 10% of the elderly, especially in older age.
  • In Germany there is a vitamin D deficiency of 70-80% in all age groups.

4) Folgerungen

  • Tropical countries have more favorable curves in the course of the coronavirus pandemic: no vitamin D deficiency?
  • Correspondingly, better vitamin D levels are shown in tropical Taiwan.
  • While old people in Taiwan show only 10% problematic vitamin D deficiency, it is 70-80% in Germany.
  • The problem of vitamin D deficiency was recognized before 2009 as a factor in increased mortality.

A better supply of the population with vitamin D can eliminate this risk factor of the spread of coronaviruses.

  • The effort, costs and risks of the procedure are minimal.
  • It is questionable whether an improvement that has been necessary for years is being implemented, although it does not promise profit.
  • The protective effect of the population corresponds to the benefits of vaccination.
  • This medical measure improves immunological protection: www.Coronavirus-Schluckimpfung.de


  • Country statistics:


  • Taiwan Vitamin D Deficiency Study:

https: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6431073/pdf/12889_2019_Arti ...

  • Age distribution of the vitamin D deficiency in Germany:


  • The data come from the DEVIT study and were collected around spring.

That is also the time of the annual flu wave.

  • The video for the post:


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