(ENGL.) The effective TREATMENT of LEAKY GUT with the new natural MIXTURE NaNa10 was demonstrated by LOWERING ZONULIN LEVELS.

Dr. med. Raimund von Helden, Verbraucherberatung Privat-Institut VitaminDelta, 57368 Lennestadt, Original publication


1) Fragestellung


  • The Leaky Gut Syndrome is characterized by high levels of zonulin.
  • NaNa10 claims to improve this condition by combining 10 beneficial substances.
  • What are the results of regular intake?
  • Data on the course of zonulin-test (fecal) after intake are now available.

2) Methode


Patients from a general medical practice sought medical advice for chronic health issues. All patients maintained a permanent vitamin D level between 50 to 100 ng/ml. 


  • Zonulin levels were determined in the stool sample (1st stool sample). At a later stage, zonulin (in stool) was measured again. 
  • Nine out of 54 cases resulted from the continuation of the study after determining a second zonulin measurement. Consequently, in addition to registering data points "A and B," a new case for the further progression from "B to C" was formed. 
  • This approach included the potential for diminishing effects of NaNA10. Follow-up effects such as "rebound," "effect attenuation," or "effect reversal" were systematically integrated. 


CONCEPT of NaNa10:


  • https://www.immundiagnostik.com/de/testkits/k-5600
  • Page 10 of the Instruction Manual: Discussion of Reference Values Quote: "Based on an in-house study with stool samples from apparently healthy individuals (n = 40), a median value of 61 ng/ml (± 46 ng/ml) was determined." 
  • The current threshold value is derived from the mean and standard deviation: 61 + 46 = 107 ng/ml Note: In the field of laboratory medicine, there was a temporary misinterpretation of the guidelines. The instruction manual with its reference values was temporarily misinterpreted in this sense: "Threshold value 61 ng/ml." 
  • However, only the mean and standard deviation yield the appropriate upper limit of normality. The biochemical method of determination had remained unchanged in allk tests: K-5600. 
  • Therefore, the measurement values are comparable without restrictions. All measurement values were definitely determined using the same method "K5600."

3) Ergebnisse


  • The graph shows 54 observational trajectories. 
  • In 54 cases, a decrease in the zonulin level was observed: descending line. 
  • 2 lines increased: undesired rise in zonulin level. 
  • In 8 cases, observations continued after measurement. In all of these cases, a further decrease was observed later on. 
  • Clinical Effects: Almost all participants reported a reduction in personal symptoms (Data on file). For example: fewer rheumatic episodes, less fatigue, reduction in overweight, fewer irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. 
  • Everyone wanted to continue taking the nutrient mixture. This includes the two cases with increasing values. The decrease in the zonulin level was highly significant. Side effects of the nutrient combination were not reported.


  • The median value decreased from 251.0 to 81.0 ng/ml of Zonulin.
  • The mean value at the beginning was on average 337.9 (standard deviation 247.9) and decreased to 115.5 (standard deviation 83.8).

4) Folgerungen


DIAGNOSIS of Leaky Gut

  • FASANO has recognized the paramount importance of increased zonulin as a trigger for autoimmune diseases. 
  • Our study once again confirms the causative effect of NaNa10 against elevated zonulin (fecal).
  • Thus, NaNa10 appears as a natural method against the onset of autoimmune diseases caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome. 
  • The problematic permeability of the gut could be significantly influenced with this clearly defined method. 


  • Further research on NaNa10 is recommended, as there is currently no such effective standard for the treatment of zonulin elevation in Leaky Gut Syndrome. 
  • Correcting the vitamin D levels to optimal values above 50 ng/ml should be part of this therapy. 
  • The necessary duration of application can be estimated at 1 to 6 months: 30 - 180 days. 
  • Due to the lack of disadvantages of the nutrient mixture, treatment with these nutrients can be continued indefinitely. 



Original display:

A. Fasano and his work:


The concept of NaNa10


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Conflict of interest:

  • No conflict:
  • The author Raimund von Helden developed and tested the concept for NaNa10.
  • However, he is free from any conflict of interest because he released the product as an open-source concept for general use under GPL license.

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